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Creating Floating Tables in a Professional Web Design

In a professional web design, selecting an appropriate plugin for designing a table with the intended criteria is not a simple work. With this regard, the designer has to read the features of each suitable plugin and select the appropriate one based on customer’s demands and expectations in the professional web design. One of the features which could be considered by the applicants who intend to build tables in their professional web design is the floatability of the table or the text so that they could easily make the favorite changes. It should be stated that Pricing Table Ready plugin is a suitable option for this type of design. However, using the free version of this plugin in the professional web design has an essential condition, i.e. creating a link in your website, and all managers may not accept this condition in their web design. That is right. If you use the free version of Pricing Table Ready in your web design, you should accept that the designer has designed it in a way that a link will be created in your web page, unless you buy the full version of the software which creates no link.

The Features of Pricing Table Ready in a Professional web Design

In order to introduce the features of Pricing Table Ready, it should be stated that the most important and essential feature is the ability to create floating tables and texts in the professional web design. Another feature of this plugin is its reactiveness. In addition, the presence of short codes and the unlimited number of rows and columns are the other features of the said plugin. Having 4 free patterns is another feature which makes Pricing Table Ready more popular in the professional web design.
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Shopping Web Design and Picture Formats

Picture Selection in a Shopping Web Design

In the previous sections, the importance of pictures in a shopping web design was mentioned. On the whole, picture quality and volume should be considered and set as the priority of the shopping web design. The format of the selected pictures greatly influences picture quality in the web design. If the picture quality matters for you in the web design, it will be better to select JPEG format among other formats.

Introduction of JPEFG in a Shopping Web Design

One of the best formats for maintaining the quality of pictures in designing a shopping website is JPEG. When you use JPEG for your pictures, they become compressed and this format supports 24 bit pictures so that the high-quality pictures could be displayed in the shopping website.

Features of JPEG in a Shopping Web Design

One of the most important features of JPEG for designing a shopping website is its internationality. JPEG is applicable in all explorers. Another feature of this format is its high compressibility which leads to acceleration of picture loading in the web design. Creating high-quality pictures and supporting 24 bit colors is the other advantage of JPEG in the shopping web design. Furthermore, it supports Progressive format in shopping websites. Progressive enables the user to load different parts of the picture separately, and this feature causes the user to observe the picture before its complete loading.
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Shopping Web Design by Easy Digital Downloads

In the previous sections, some of the world popular shopping carts for a shopping web design were mentioned in detail. In the present section, we intend to introduce Easy Digital Downloads and its features. You may be one of those people who look for launching and performing a shopping web design; however, your activity and sale is different from the other shopping, and you tend to sell virtual or download products instead of physical purchase. If you have considered this business as your activity in the market, Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart would be a very suitable option for launching your shopping. A virtual and download shopping web design is one of the best ways for extending your occupation. In a virtual shopping web design, you could simply sell different types of audio files, computer games, audio books and so via downloads.

The Facilities of Easy Digital Downloads for a Shopping Web Design

There are some facilities in Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart as in all common software, including a shopping basket. In the shopping basket of Easy Digital Downloads, there is no need to build a new page for adding product since it cooperates with AJAX. One of the facilities of this shopping cart in a shopping web design is the payment portal which is compatible with most countries, including Iran. Purchasing via the aforesaid shopping cart is performed really powerful and quick. By using this shopping cart in a shopping web design, the user could perform several operations simultaneously. Another facility of Easy Digital Downloads is the ability to register the sale reports and information with a high volume. This ability enables you to manage user purchase reports in the web design.
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Company Web Design and Introduction of Landing Pages

In a company web design, creating landing pages could have a great influence on advertisement. However, landing pages and their noticeable points were mentioned in the previous section. In this section, we are going to make you familiar with different landing pages in a company web design. As previously stated, landing pages could play an important role in the internet marketing of your complex. In designing a company website, using landing pages could be effective for introducing the company and attracting customers. For instance, if you have a legal office or engineering corporation, using landing pages will highly influence your marketing.

Different Types of Landing Pages in a Company Web Design

There are two actions for building landing pages in the web design; the first one is creating a landing page which advertises your complex. In this page, there is no attractive point other than your company web design ads which are written in an appealing text. In this type of design, you can consider presents for the visitors of your landing page and ask them to take the first measure for receiving the present by filling the draw form. In this case, you can access their information.

The other way for creating landing pages in a company web design which is so-called Opt-in Landing Page consists of some sections other than ads. The sections including headers, footers, sidebars, etc. are created in addition to the main text, which are constantly visible in all pages of the company web design.
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Visual Composer and Its Attractions in Shopping Web Design

Building various pages could make the websites attractive, especially the shopping web designs with numerous products. In a shopping web design, pages could be created with a special designs related to the product. In the shopping web design, this trick could attract many users with its different categories. In order to build various and appealing pages in your shopping web design, you need a very powerful page builder plugin. We propose Visual Composer for building pages for designing your shopping website. It is one of the top selling page builders in WordPress. By using Visual Composer in a shopping web design, you could perform the web design merely by realizing the elements, and this ability is one of the main reasons for its population.

Features of Visual Composer in a Shopping Web Design

When designing a shopping website, you may use many templates and shopping carts. There is no need to be concerned about building various pages since Visual Composer is compatible with all templates. In addition, Visual Composer is a totally responsive plugin and since responsiveness is one of the conditions for succeeding in the web design, you can simply utilize it for designing your shopping website. Visual Composer has the ability to add various elements which could be used regarding the type of sale. Moreover, this plugin is adapted to SEO standards and it absolutely supports all the social media.
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When to Use Infographics in a Professional Web Design

One of the ways for attraction of a professional web design is using infographics in order to transfer the concepts to the users. In a professional web design, infographics mean different attractive and professional graphs for transferring the concepts. In the past, different texts were used in the web design in order to transfer the concepts. Using long texts created many problems for the users to read the text and sometimes, they preferred to quit the site and visit another one since they did not like to read such long texts. However, designers presently consider simpler and more attractive ways for transferring the concepts in a professional web design. Using infographics is one of the best ways for attracting users in the professional web design provided that the visual aspects are observed skillfully in the infographic and the concepts are properly transferred to the user. In addition, colors and fonts should be precisely used so that they do not dissatisfy and confuse the users.

Advantages of Using Infographics in a Professional Web Design

In a professional web design, the designer could simply transfer the concepts to the user by using infographics without any trouble. When designing a professional website, the designer could display the contents in the form of a professional infographic in one page instead of publishing a high volume of contents in several pages. This can avoid designing excessive pages and prevent users’ tiredness.
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Everything about Currency Exchange Web Design

What Is the Purpose of Currency Exchange Web Design?

Nowadays, currency exchange web design has flourished for foreign exchange transactions due to the development of internet businesses. The main purpose of a currency exchange web design is creating a situation for foreign exchanges and transaction processes. Besides, the designer could increase SEO in addition to increasing users’ information through presenting scientific and educational articles regarding the types of foreign exchanges, transactions, market fluctuation, etc. Exchangers could change their foreign exchange transactions form daily to round-clock ones so that the user can exchange them without the need to contact or consider time zone differences without any trouble.

What Are the Benefits of Currency Exchange Web Design?

You may ask yourself about the benefits of designing a currency exchange website. It should be stated that you can simply transfer and purchase different foreign exchanges in your currency exchange web design. In addition, you could present the rate of foreign exchanges, gold coins, gold, etc. in a daily or instant basis in the form of charts in order to attract numerous visitors to your website. By launching an online purchase section, you could sell different gold coins, gold and so on. Performing the operations such as payment orders is another requirement which should be mentioned for designing a currency exchange website.
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Company Web Design and the Advantages of Flat Web Design

The type of design could highly influence the user-friendliness of a company web design. In a company web design, we can use 2D pictures and icons instead of 3D ones since the 3D icons not only are inappropriate for the company, but also increase the site volume.
By a flat company web design, you could have a simple and attractive website and also, you could accelerate the website by using 2D pictures, icons and graphics. In a flat web design, colors are of great importance. You can create an attractive space by using proper proposed colors in the flat web design.

What Are Advantages of Designing a Flat Website in a Company Web Design?

One of the most important features of a flat company web design is the lack of using numerous pictures. In a flat web design, the designer focuses on visual aspects instead of using various pictures.

The other advantage of designing a flat website is the optimum and principled use of space. The designer tries to observe character spaces in order to use the maximum space of web pages in designing a company website. In a flat web design, the designer uses 2D icons and beautiful bright colors instead of glittered ones in order to gain users’ attention in this way.
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Using WPtouch Mobile in a Shopping Web Design
In the past, responsiveness was not very important in shopping web design. However, this ability is presently considered as one of the most necessary items for the shopping web design due to technological developments and the use of android phones and tablets, so that its absence in a web design is a negative point for the website. If you previously had a shopping website and now you are going to make it responsive, WPtouch Mobile would be one of the most present suitable plugins. However, this plugin is mostly appropriate for the people who allocate short coding for their shopping web design.

The Features of WPtouch Mobile in a Shopping Web Design

Using WPtouch Mobile in designing a shopping website has many points for the designer and the website. One of the features of this plugin for a shopping web design is its high efficiency for creating a responsive site. Besides, it has a very simple and practical user environment which helps the user to design the website as proper as possible without bewilderment. In addition, intelligence and automatic performance are the other features which highly help the designer to change the designed site to a responsive one. WPtouch Mobile provides 4 different templates for the mobile version and 3 components for increasing the efficiency of the website. The other ability of the said plugin in a web design is site SEO. Moreover, this plugin completely supports Persian, and enables the designer to adjust the template manually.
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The Effect of Content on a Medical Web Design SEO
If you are a physician or work for medical sector and you have ordered a medical web design for introducing your profession and specialty, it would be definitely better to prioritize SEO after the medical web design. If your clients become familiar with your website, you should provide a situation so that the user encounters your website in Google search results as soon as s/he searches the required services. There are various methods for increasing SEO, and observing them could highly help you increase SEO after the web design. One of the basic ways for increasing SEO after designing a medical website is presenting appropriate scientific contents in the website. The web content should be enriched with the keywords which reach the user to your services. You may ask how the content could influence SEO increase after the medical web design. After the medical web design, the more users visit your site and spend time for searching it, the site traffic will increase and this will result in SEO increase. Therefore, people will find your website by searching the keywords if suitable scientific articles and rich keywords related with your profession are used.

Which Content to Publish after a Medical Web Design

After designing a medical website, the content should not be necessarily for the patients. The used content should be in a way that medical and paramedical students could utilize the site as a valid scientific resource and subsequently, your SEO increases.
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Support Services after a Professional Web Design
In a professional web design, support service is one of the most important services which could be provided by the designer. In fact, site support of a professional web design is a way for gaining clients’ consent and attracting more clients in the web design. Normally, the designer company designs the support services in two manners of free and charged, and their scope depends on company authorities. However, it is evident that the broader scope of free service we provide, the more clients will be attracted to our company for web design.

Free Support Services after a Professional Web Design

After designing a professional website, support services will be presented to web design clients which are usually related to site maintenance. With this regard, the designer freely solves all design and coding problems in different sections of the website for 1 year. Removing system performance and software internal errors as well as necessary trainings for site maintenance and upgrading are some free support services of the web design companies. However, some of them extend their scope of free services in order to attract more clients.

Charged Support Services after a Professional Web Design

After a professional web design, some services including content production, site promotion, adding new facilities and expanding them, site advertisement and content publishing are the support services which are presented by the designer after the applicants pay the expenses.
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Shopping Web Design and the Effect of URL

Undoubtedly, you seek for some solutions for increasing visitors after your shopping web design. One of the solutions for increasing visitors in a shopping web design is using optimized URL. You may ask about the effects of URL optimization on increasing the number of customers in the shopping web design. This matter will be stated in the following part.

Shopping Web Design and the Effect of URL on Customers

In a shopping web design, try to use short and readable URLs as possible. When you use long URLs, many customers may have problem when copying URL address or they may omit a part of it. In this case, a small mistake repels them from visiting your site.

The type of URL words highly influences customers’ intention for visiting your website. In designing a shopping website, the words should be selected in a way that the customer could realize the type of purchasing and services. The used words should be readable so that they put a positive effect on customers.

In designing a shopping website, you should avoid using vague marks in the URL address so that customers could simply use your URL. Marks have a negative effect on gaining customers’ trust. In addition, you should use dashes instead of space in the web design. If you use underscore instead of dash, Google will examine it in its algorithms and it will be considered as a negative point for your website.
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Shopping Web Design and Product Search

One of the most important sections of a shopping web design is creating product search section. In a shopping web design, we should provide some accessibility and facilities so that users could recognize and purchase their intended products using them. In order to achieve this goal in the web design, creating a product search section will positively influence purchases in the shopping website.

The Relation between Product Search and Specifications in a Shopping Web Design

In order to build a product search section in the shopping web design, you should consider search criteria according to the product specifications. Most of the people who want to search a product in a shopping website may not consider a specific brand. They set a feature of their favorite product as a search criterion and search based on it. In this case, inserting precise specifications could help the user to reach to an acceptable result. If the user does not pay attention to entering the exact specifications in designing a shopping website, the product search section will not be able to recognize the product easily. Therefore, this will bring a negative point for the shopping website since it decreases the users.

Should I Necessarily Use Advanced Search in the Shopping Web Design?

In designing a shopping website, selecting advanced search or not depends on the scope of your products. If there are various product categories in your internet shopping website, it will be better to adjust an advanced search section based on the product categorizations.
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Professional Web Design and Introduction of Different WordPress Page Builders

Building pages is of great interest in a professional web design. You could double your web design by using special and beautiful pages. There are two ways for building various pages in a professional web design: you should firstly use page builder plugins which include the site template. Secondly, use separate installed plugins in order to create pages when designing a professional website. By using page builders in designing a professional website, you can increase the beauty and attraction of your website to several times.

Introduction of Different Page Builders in a Professional Web Design

One of the useful page builder plugins in a professional web design is Visual Composer. This plugin is one of the current top selling plugins due to its compatibility with different types of web design templates. SiteOrigin is another useful plugin for designing a professional website. It is compatible with some plugins such as Woocommerce and Bodypress. Themify Builder is the other practical plugin for designing a professional website. This plugin has various abilities, including responsiveness. Yellow Pencil is another useful page builder plugin. One of its unique features is the ability to change tags without changing coding. Beaver Builder is a page builder which is relatively free, i.e. the page builder is free itself, but some of its special features are paid. It is one of the responsive plugins.
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Shopping Web Design and Benefits of Product Comment Section
In a shopping web design, we should utilize all our power and innovation in order to increase sales by presenting new ideas. One of the sections which highly influences product sales in the shopping web design is the comment section.

The Impact of Comment Section in a Shopping Web Design

People have different attitudes for purchasing. Some users become fascinated about a shopping website merely by observing its graphic and they act for purchasing a product. On the contrary, the others prefer to observe all shopping sites and become familiar with their internet environment in order to select the best one. On the other hand, some people like to purchase products based on others’ opinion. These people (which are actually the majority) like to purchase the products which are frequently used and users have made comments about them in the shopping website.

Benefits of Product Comment Section in a Shopping Web Design

Creating a comment section in designing a shopping website is a situation which could help us know about users’ opinion regarding different products. By creating this section in the web design, customers interact with each other and discuss about their purchasing experience. One of the most important advantages of using comment section in designing a shopping website is comprehensive product introduction without the need to be engaged in introduction which results in improving the shopping site rank.
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Proper Use of Colors in an Educational Web Design
In order to attract more users to our educational web design and increase the site traffic, we have to use standard colors. In general, colors have a great psychological effect on users’ decision for staying in or leaving a website. People’s age is a factor which influences colors. Therefore, based on the type of work and the users of the educational web design, colors should be used so properly and professionally that they could influence them more.

Which Colors Are More Suitable for Educational Web Design?

Researchers categorize colors to 3 groups of warm, cold and neutral colors according to their psychological impact on people. In an educational web design, we should know the users so that we could select the most appropriate colors for the web design. There are two ways for selecting colors in the educational web design. One of the ways for choosing the most suitable color in the web design is considering the main color and using another one as the complementary color. The other way for color selection in designing an educational website is selecting a main color as well as a totally opposite color in order to attract the user. In this case, we have to notice that the selected colors should not make vibrations or irritate users’ eyes. However, education generally prompts the concept of dynamism for users and it would be better to use warm colors in designing an educational website in order to create the sense of dynamism in the website.
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Professional Web Design and Bounce Rate Decrease
In a professional web design you may have repeatedly heard the term “Bounce Rate”. In this section, we are going to present a precise definition for bounce rate.

What Does Bounce Rate Mean in a Professional Web Design?

By bounce rate in a web design, we mean calculating the percentage of the users who visit a website and finally, leave it without observing any page. In a professional web design, the bounce rate is calculated according to entrance and exit time of each user. If it takes a short time and repeats several times, this will be considered as a negative point by search engines and it will decrease your site SEO.

The Importance of Knowing Bounce Rate in Professional Web Design

When you are informed of users’ entrance and fast exit, you could easily recognize the crucial problems of your website by a more precise investigation of bounce rate reports as well as entrance and exit time. In addition, you could realize which sections are problematic for users to have an effective communication with and result in leaving the site.

Solutions for Decreasing Bounce Rate in a Professional Web Design

In order to decrease bounce rate, you have to consider the most important and effective elements in your website and improve them. Site content is one of the most influential factors on users and violating standards could make them tired and increase the bounce rate. In a professional web design, the contents should be selected which are short, attractive and based on users’ current needs. The site graphic is another effective factor for staying in your website. Using attractive graphics as well as beautiful and proper colors influences users to stay in your site. The other important factors are upgrading the contents and the loading speed.
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Optimizing Advertising Links in a Web Design
Textual ads in a web design mean the same links which are placed in the side columns, footers, inside the text and sometimes in the menu of advertisement receivers. You have certainly observed a large number of such ads in different websites. Many of these links are merely purchased for increasing traffic and improving the rank in Google in addition to their informative and advertising aspects. Therefore, Google recognizes irrelevant ad links to the site topic as a spam, i.e. what we observe in various Iranian websites: abundant irrelevant links to the site topic. However, links influence SEO and they are important for web owners regarding income (especially for those who have recently designed a company website).

What Should We for Utilizing the Advantages Of Links in a Web Design?

When inserting a link in a website, be careful that you should not link them directly to your website so that the site will not be involved in rank violation. In the web design, you could refer such links to auxiliary websites and afterwards, link them to your website.
As mentioned before, links should be related to the site topic. Therefore, a technique could be used in the web design in order to relate the link and the site topic, i.e. creating short stories about ads. In fact, Google examines the words related to the link in order to recognize the connection between the link origin and destination. Thus, you should concentrate on connecting the link context (in both link receiver and donor). For instance, suppose that the link seller or receiver page is related to web design (site A) and the purchaser link (site B) is related to travel. In the common linking method, simple hotel booking is linked from site A to site B; however, the same link is linked as a short story in the connective method. Even when you are in a trip and you are enjoying from your residence in a beautiful hotel, web designers are performing the web design and all the related measures for optimization. With this regard, the design the website and its SEO affaires will be finished before your return.
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Needs Assessment in an Educational Web Design
Education is the first priority in every community and educational web design is one of the current necessities. Today, the need for different educational web designs is more tangible due to development of societies and advancement of all sectors and organs toward technology and utilization of its advantages for better communication with applicants. Computer science has become more widespread and technology has penetrated in people’s life whether willing or unwilling. Passing long distances for learning a part of this science may not be economic or it may bring some limitations for their traffic. In this case, different types of educational web design help the applicants learn their favorite issues without wasting the time for trafficking and limitations for fixing the time.

Essential Sections for an Educational Web Design

If you intend to perform an educational web design but you do not know the necessary sections for this type of web design, we will help you and introduce the essential sections for the educational web design. When designing an educational website, you need blogs or scientific articles section in order to publish the latest scientific findings and the practical definitions so that the users could use them for gaining information. This section highly helps your SEO increase. These essential sections include registration section, user panel, online payment portal for paying educational tuitions (if needed), educational file downloading, implementation of different security login systems such as CAPTCHA and online education.
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Introduction of Different Plugins for a Responsive Professional Web Design
One of the most important items for attraction of a website is its responsiveness. Making a responsive professional web design leads to opening the website simply by a cellphone or tablet. For this reason, WordPress has designed various plugins which could be utilized in a web design based on conditions.

Some Plugins for Responsive Professional Web Design

In order to perform a responsive professional web design, many plugins are introduced some of which will be mentioned in this section. One of the best and the most beautiful plugins is called iThemes Mobile. In addition to customization, it has 4 different beautiful templates which help the designer implement an appropriate template. WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin is another smart plugin which adjusts the template when the user enters the website via a cellphone. This plugin has 7 other templates which enable the user to use them simply in the professional web design. In a professional web design, WP Touch helps you load your website with 4 beautiful and attractive templates in different cellphones. Furthermore, the said plugin has some professional settings which really help the site optimization. The other useful plugin for making a responsive site is called WP Mobile Detect. By using this plugin, you could determine which sections should be visible in cellphones through its short codes. The other beautiful plugin is Jetpack Mobile Theme which has the ability to load maximum contents. Moreover, this plugin has the ability to customize the website.