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Law dissertation– Children’s rights
In the law dissertation, study and examination of children’s rights has always been a subject of interest to the authors in this field. Addressing the children’s rights is an international convention that is implemented in all regions of the world in almost the same way. We read in the law dissertation help that infringement of the child’s civil, economic and cultural rights by any country constitutes as violation of law and makes it liable to the committee on the rights of the child. Here, the author studies different aspects of the children’s rights. In addition to examining proper enforcement of the legal law and rules regarding children, the author addresses the respective field studies and researches and also intuitively examines enforcement procedure of the law. In the law dissertation, legal law regarding working children is also studied. In this dissertation writing services, legal status of these children is also studied from all aspects. Another area of study regarding children in the law dissertation is children crimes and the manner of law enforcement in this regard. The author studies issued legal law and also field studies and examination, as well as a close study on the procedure of law enforcement regarding working children. Also, many studies on the child-battering and child abuse have been carried out by the authors of the law dissertation. In the law dissertation, the author does not content with the library researches and this issue would be studied through intuitive examination of the law enforcement procedure regarding the culprit in this field. Generally, areas and subjects of study regarding children’s law are include a wide range and the authors could examine many topics in this field.
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Accounting dissertation– Sharing the dividend
In the accounting dissertation, sharing the dividend is the subject of study and decision-making. Topics related to sharing the dividend are of wide range and there are certain definitions and solutions for any field. In the PhD accounting dissertation, main goal of author is to present practical paradigms in this field and through precise studies, the author aims to play an important role in studying related issues of this field. In the accounting dissertation writing services with focus on sharing the dividend, the author states that offering cash to investors should take place as the cash returns. It is stated in the accounting dissertation that a model should be designed for calculating the optimum dividend price and to use it for the purpose of distribution between the investors. In the accounting dissertation, distribution of profits is said as the main reason for importance of calculating the dividend, which is then applied for determination and announcement of the optimum dividend price by the authority determining corporate profit or the annual general assembly. Another subject that is studied in the accounting dissertation help, is identification of various kinds of investors. The author might address to the investors by studying that which group of investors are interested to receive the dividend. We read in the results of this dissertation that beginner investors normally prefer to receive the dividend. There are conservative investors among them, though, who prefer to do so because of lack of trust in the market and investment.
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Computer dissertation– Cloud computing
Cloud computing is a subject of study in the computer dissertation. We read in the computer dissertation with focus on cloud computing that the aim of cloud computing is actually Internet-based application of computer technology. In this dissertation, the author presents computer calculations in an information technology-related space. Based on the studies of the computer dissertation writing services, cloud computing is a growing concept. While the infrastructural technologies such as the mentioned definitions, characteristics and attributed in the field will gradually grow and will face transformations. Author of the computer dissertation aims at presenting a comprehensive definition of this field, while Cloud computing is outlined as a large ecosystem with many models therein. In the computer dissertation help, cloud computing is divided in a set of computing sources including networks, servers, applications, storage spaces, etc. Basic attributes which are mentioned for selecting the main topics in the computer dissertation regarding cloud computing include study on various types of requested self-services, general access to the network features and research in this field. Other topics of high interest include study on incorporation of computing resources and flexibility of features. The author is in power of extension and maneuver of the studied field. Generally, there is a wide range of subjects in the cloud computing dissertation and the author speaks to many issues and presents innovations in this field.
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PhD Dissertation in Computer Engineering
One of the highly interested subjects to the researchers of the PhD dissertation in the area of information technology of computer engineering is content delivery networks (CDN). In the PhD dissertation, it is said by the researchers of this field that the content delivery network is able to increase the loading speed and also display speed of a website or weblog. We read from the results of this dissertation that accessibility to the content delivery network is offered to the user via nearest server, based on its geographical location. It is emphasized in this dissertation that through automatic offering of the requested capacities, content delivery networks must act as shock-absorbers to the network traffic. This is the most important feature that is explained in the CDN-oriented PhD dissertation. In the PhD dissertation, it is said as the reason that content delivery network must be able to meet the requirements at the time of sudden congestion. So different users don’t feel any differences when using web services and also when using nearest server of the intended corporation. Large internet corporations employ multiple servers at different places of the world for storage and distribution of their information and facilities around the globe. Goal of the researchers of the information technology field of computer engineering in preparing this dissertation is that users don’t feel any variations using content delivery network and also access to the nearest server of the corporation with the highest speed possible. By preparing the PhD dissertation, researchers aim at presenting a suitable solution for future orientations in the content delivery networks.
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Master’s Dissertation in E-commerce-Online sales
In the master’s dissertation of electronic commerce (E-commerce), studies regarding internet web-sites are widely expanding. In this dissertation, we read that the number of organizations selling their product via internet and the web is increasing on a day-to-day basis. Today, with regard to master’s dissertation in E-commerce, studies concerning commercial terms and principles have been varied. In this dissertation, rapid expansion has led to new challenges between the corporations and their customers that would be addressed and discussed in this dissertation. Nowadays, customers have a lot of options when choosing a particular product which results in their bafflement for selecting the best and the most suitable product. Therefore, researchers should find and propose some solutions to this problem. Studies carried out for this dissertation indicate that the problem about many of the online websites is to show a list of products, based on the customers need and their interest in a limited period of time. One of the best ways that is proposed in this dissertation is to present an exclusive offering system for each user. Studies regarding this type of system are interested to the researchers of the master’s dissertation in e-commerce. By studying this dissertation, we learn that a good offering system not only results in higher level of satisfaction for the customers, but also leads to more sales and attracting new customers. The main goal of the presented master’s dissertation, which proposes a recommendation-based system, is enabling this system to offer the most suitable items, through analyzing user’s behavior. This dissertation offers an approach to resolve difficulties resulting from huge volume of the information that helps the user to approach his target despite them.
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Master’s Dissertation on E-commerce
One of the important subjects in the studies of master’s dissertation on E-commerce is online advertisement. Normally, two subjects that may be considered as objectives include increase of website visiting and the rate at which a visitor turns to a regular customer. It is said in this dissertation that studies in this field are almost complementary and any study in the realm of these objectives is necessary for a website to perform successful. A widely used model of online marketing, i.e. affiliate marketing is applied in this thesis. Affiliate marketing is used in the dissertation as an agreement between the content provider and content generator, in which a certain profit of the content generator is assigned to the content provider for attracting visitors and the customers. In this dissertation, applications of the affiliate marketing are explained by collecting and studying library resources. Additionally, some suggestions are made for using the pricing models of the affiliate marketing with regard to the content providers. In this dissertation, the main goal of using this useful method for an organization and choosing the proper pricing model, is improving services offered to the content providers. So as it is said in the master’s dissertation on e-commerce, a better competitive environment and consequently, satisfaction and loyalty of the customers could be achieved.
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Master’s Dissertation on Mechanical Engineering
One of the studied issues is the master’s dissertation on automotive mechanics is braking systems. In this dissertation, we read that the braking pad and disk have been known as the most important components of the braking systems. At the time of braking, kinetic and thermal energy of the automotive at the contact point of the disk and the pad is converted into the heat. A huge part of the generated heat is scattered and leads to increase of temperature in there. The main objective of the master’s dissertation on mechanics is studying thermodynamic analysis of the braking pad and disk. Also, this dissertation is aimed to study distribution of temperature and pressure between the braking disk and pad. In the master’s dissertation on mechanics, In order to optimize the disk braking system, an appropriate model is simulated to identify the hot points between the braking pad and disk. In this dissertation, Abaqus software is used for simulation.
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Master’s dissertation on electrical engineering
Power system studies usually account for the most part of the investigations performed in master’s dissertation on electrical engineering. It is said in the dissertation that changes in the utilization conditions of the power systems usually leads to low-frequency variations. In the master’s dissertation on electrical engineering, these variations is said to be sometimes damping by itself, but sometimes they expand and result in exiting from the circuit in a part of the system. Based on the master’s dissertation on electrical engineering, small signal is at the main point of the focus, in terms of stability of the power systems. In the master’s dissertation on electrical engineering, using the fuzzy T-S method, a non-linear fuzzy stabilizer is designed for stabilizing low-frequency variations in the power system. In this dissertation, the Fuzzy T-S method is used to transform non-linear equations of the system to a series of linear sub-systems. Also, it is said in the dissertation that for any of the linear sub-systems, a controller is designed by using the parallel distributed compensator method. Finally, as for the sum of internal linear controllers, non-linear controller would be obtained. In the master’s dissertation on electrical engineering, conditions of the Liapanov’s method of stability are used as matrix inequalities. MATLAB software is used for the simulation in the dissertation. The proposed stabilizer is tested on both the single-machine and multiple-machine system and it is then compared with the designed conventional methods.
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PhD Dissertation on Economy
We read in the PhD dissertation on the economy that financial part has always been the main focus of the subjects under study. The main reason for paying much attention to this subject is the central role of the financial part to the economic development and growth. An importance of the development of financial markets for economic growth is regarded in the PhD. dissertation on the economy, which is a key subject of the development economy. With regard to the importance of these subjects, the study of the relationship between financial development and economic growth in the PhD. dissertation seems to be essential and necessary. In this dissertation, we shed light to the effect of financial development, commercial ratio, domestic investment and the interest rate on the economic growth. The main goal of this dissertation is to answer the question regarding the effectiveness of the financial development on the economic growth. After studying this objective and answering this question in the results of the Ph.D. dissertation, other variables including investment, interest rate, and the commercial index would be addressed. A certain period of time is selected in the dissertation to study the relationship between the variables. Also, in this dissertation, Auto Regressive Distributed Lags method (ARDL) is normally used in order to study the results. Results of the current dissertation indicate a positive significant relation between interest rate and domestic investment with economic growth. Short-term demonstration of the positive and significant relationship between financial development index and economic growth is also discussed in the PhD dissertation on the economy.
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PhD Dissertation on Public Management
Knowledge management is a highly interesting subject in PhD dissertation in the field of public management. It is stated in the PhD dissertation that knowledge management is regarded an important issue, not only by the academic world but also in the view of the legislator public organizations, commercial businesses, investors, and stakeholders. While most of the researches carried out in the PhD dissertation field regarding intellectual investment and knowledge management have been performed in the private sector, recent studies presented in this dissertation have also engaged public organizations, including universities and research centers much engaged for research in this field.

Probably, one of the factors that led to attracting many of the public management researchers of the PhDdissertation toward knowledge management is that the main objective of the universities is to make and spread knowledge and that their main investments are carried out in the field of research and human resources. We discuss in this Ph.D. dissertation that despite intangibility of the input and output of the universities, there are limited tools for them to being measured and managed well. An important issue stated in the PhD dissertation is that people’s understanding of knowledge management usually happens intellectually and using linguistic words. The main objective of the Ph D dissertation is to present a fuzzy model and approach for knowledge management in the academic institutes. Also, author of the dissertation attempts to analyze the observed gap between expectations and understandings of the employees of the different institutes (who are considered as a society) and also to propose his own developed model.
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Master’s dissertation on Petroleum Engineering
In the master’s dissertation on petroleum engineering, we argue that the daily needs of the mankind to hydrocarbon resources are increasing constantly on a day to day basis. It is said in the dissertation that In order to supply the required energy and also reducing producible reserves, use of the enhanced recovery methods with the purpose of increasing the producible resources is inevitable. Based on the master’s dissertation on petroleum engineering, research regarding enhanced recovery methods, type and method of injecting the suitable fluid with the aim of increasing productivity of the oil reserves are of significant importance. One of the novel methods of enhanced recovery that is discussed in the dissertation is injection of low-salinity water that is performed for optimization and controlling ions concentration and also determination of the optimum level of the injected water’s salinity in order to enhance the recovery level of oil. It is said in the dissertation that advantages of using dilute water compared to the salty water as a enhanced recovery fluid include: ability to achieve higher recovery level, lower ratio of the water cutting, usability in carbonate resources, determination of wettability of the carbonate rock to hydrophilic and also reducing saturation level of the residual oil.

In this dissertation, normally, different states of injecting dilute and salty water are simulated and compared. Simulation is performed using ECLIPSE 100 simulator. Another issue examined in the dissertation is effect of the injected water salinity. Based on the simulation results of the dissertation, it is shown that dilute water injection results in higher recovery level than using salty water and among studied parameters, water salinity level is the most significant.
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Master’s Dissertation on Business Management
In the master’s dissertation on business management, research is an important phase of the process. In this dissertation, market research has a significant role in the decision-making process. Therefore, preparing useful information for doing a good analysis is the main goal of this dissertation. The linkage between consumers, buyers, public, and the marketing managers is usually provided by sharing information. In this dissertation, after data analysis for recognizing opportunities and threats of the market, some solutions are offered in order to create or streamline the marketing activities, a better understanding of the customer’s behavior and finding their shopping habits. It is stated in the dissertation that as a result of growth and development of the digital technologies, including virtual reality simulators, e-commerce and communication facilities in the internet, new techniques are being used for collecting opinions. In the master’s dissertation on business management, these techniques and methods are called totally as E-Marketing researches. It is said in the dissertation that nowadays, by extensive use of these technologies for marketing researchers, we are witnessing that the task of data analysis is submitted to the senior analyzers who are well familiar with these technologies. As it is said in the master’s dissertation, computers, data extraction applications, Internet and search engines are extensively used by the marketing managers and senior experts of the business management.
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Master’s Dissertation On Software Engineering
Service quality in the wireless sensor networks is one of the issues discussed in the master’s dissertation on computer engineering. In the master’s dissertation on computer engineering, the subject of wireless sensor networks is a novel topic in the field of network engineering and information technology. In these dissertations, it is said that in the wireless sensor networks, quality is much different than in the traditional networks. In fact, wireless sensor network is a special kind of an ad hoc network. After studying this dissertation, we learn that quality difference in the sensor networks is at a level that quality service of them could not be fully explained. We discuss that quality service of the wireless sensor networks is mainly referred to the quality as it is observed by the user. It is discussed in the master’s dissertation on computer engineering, however, that as with network associations, quality service is evaluated as it is offered by the network to the users and the application programs. As it is claimed in the master’s dissertation on a computer, one of the main advantages of the wireless sensor networks is to collect data in the regions that the users cannot be present. In a sensor network, local values are sampled and measured in a separate way. It is stated in this dissertation that this information is sent to the other sensors and finally to the main observer. With regard to the performance of the sensor network, it is explained in the dissertation that reports of the occurring phenomena should be sent to an observing system. These networks are acting standalone and operate without Human intervention. In the master’s dissertation on a computer, it is stated that all of the nodes are identical in the wireless sensor networks, and total objective of the network is met as a result of their co-operative action. As it is said in the master’s dissertation on computer, main goal of designing wireless sensor networks is to monitor and control atmospheric changes, physical and chemical in an environment of the certain area.
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Dissertation On Private International Law
One of the subjects studied in the dissertation on private international law is the relationship between international judgment and Islamic laws. Resolving disputes between the organizations and governments in the world arena would be discussed in the master’s dissertation on private international law. In this dissertation, regarding organizations and corporations, it is not the case for them to being Muslim or not, as this approach enables resolving disputes between people of them in the whole world arena, whether they are Muslim or not. As this is a master’s dissertation and an Islamic-laws oriented research work, possibility of the judgment between an individual of the Islamic or non-Islamic group or government is of interest. It is inferred from the results of this dissertation that there is general and also exclusive partial relationship between the international judgment and Islamic laws. One of the main questions discussed in this dissertation is the relevancy of the international judgment in the Islamic laws. Results of this dissertation show that in the view of Islamic laws, the field of judgment includes resolving disputes appeared between Muslim and non-Muslims. So the subject of international judgment in the master’s dissertation on law involves arbitration for resolving these disputes. On the other hand, this type of arbitration has been accepted by the Islamic law. So it could be stated in the master’s dissertation by a law that in the view of Islam, referring the problems between individuals of the group or Islamic governments outside the borders of the Islamic community is an agreed-upon matter of fact.
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Industrial Management PhD Dissertation
In Industrial Management PhD Dissertation, the enjoyment level of life is one of the focused area. In these types of dissertation, it has been understood that even though the organization’s staff being hard worker and put all the effort; the lack of understanding of their responsibilities, their performance will not be satisfactory in terms of management.
The employees’ performance means the level of their responsibilities contribution. As a result of Industrial Management PhD Dissertation the performance management is emphasised on the aligning of the whole procedure and performance of the elements that will improve the organization performance.
Basically, the main objective ofIndustrial Management PhD Dissertation is to reach the success of performance management that will added value to the organization. The main expectation of the research is employees’ improvement that focused on the people affiliation instead of independence.
These research usually follow the analytical and descriptive method in accordance to new model creation.
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Required terms for a proposal(2)
4. Goals, hypothesis and research inquiries
• General goals and targets must be determined.
• General target should compatibility with title of the research
• The final conclusion must be the result of the general target
• The specific target of the proposal must be measurable
• Purpose the proposal must be realistic
• Hypothesis must be noted as directional proposition.
• Hypothesis must be considered as unequivocal declarative sentence
• Questions of the projects must match specific purposes
• Relation between few variables should be asked by the question
• Research questions should be defined for each specific purposes

Measurement of variables

• Variables should have operational and theoretical perspective
• Definition of theoretical variables must refers to the scientific documentation
• The variables must be scientifically and measurably identified
• The appropriateness types variables must be considered
• Measurement of each variables should be clear .
• Roles of the variables must be identified in the research
Types of Research
• Type of research must be identified as purpose of research
• The process of the research implementation must be on the basis of research type
• Type of the research must be based on the determined the running time
• Type of the research should be determined due to results of the study.

7 Research methods
• Research methods should be explained step by step.
• The verbs related to future activities should be described.
• Compliance methodology and the type of research should be observed

8-Research society .
• Accuracy in definition of research society
• Accuracy in selection of a criteria for the sample
• The society should have criteria for the selection.

9-Research Environment
• The research environment must be clear.
• The limit of research environment must be obvious

10-Data collection tools and analytical methods
• Data collection tools should be clear.
• The used tools must be tailored to the type of research.
• The used tools must be appropriate to the research.
• Study methods of the tools must be examined.
• Details and process of data collection must be clear.
• Method of data analysis in the research must be defined.

Review of research background
• Journals should have scientific level
• Contents must be arranged due to publication date
• Studying of the contents must be relevant to the subject of the research
• Adequate information must be provided by papers

Limitations in the research:

• Possible limitations should be mentioned.
•Even in case of limitations research should be possible

Prediction time:
• Accurate phasing in the research
• Type of research must suits the prediction time
• Drawing Gantt chart for research processes

Calculating Costs
• Breaking the costs of the study based on the process
• Proportionality between type of the research and costs
• Inserting the costs on the top of column
• Number of resources must be adequate for each study
Resource of the final report
• Sources must be submitted at the end of the reports
• Sufficient variety of sources
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Dissertation of knowledge management
One of the considerable topic of public administration in the end of doctorate dissertation is knowledge management. The points which are mentioned at the of doctoral dissertation of knowledge management indicates that this management is not just for academia also significantly can be considered as a main topic of governmental legislature, enterprises, investors, and shareholders.
The most of researchers which has been accomplished in private sectors i.e., field of knowledge management and intellectual investment but at recent studies this sorts of dissertation have involved governmental organizations such as universities, research centers and they are interested in this type of research. Perhaps one of the reasons that has caused many scholars of public administration to have research on the knowledge management at the universities is the main topic which represents targets of the universities .This target involves production and diffusion of knowledge. The main investment of these organization would be on scope of research and human resources. Despite of the statements, type of dissertation in outputs or inputs of university is intangible however limited tools for measurement and management can be determined .One of the main reasons regarding to this issue which have been mention at the end part of the dissertation is generally about perception of people from knowledge management as mentally or made from use of vague linguistic words.
The main purpose of the doctoral dissertation in the field of public administration is providing a model and phased approaches for knowledge management in universities and academic institutes also in this type of dissertation, researchers try to analyses the gap between expectations and perceptions staff of different centers which is count as community, thus in conclusion of the results, the model will be submitted .
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About us:
At this moment we are able to support all the project which they can be caught up by usage of computers Mean while we have 21 active departments at the system head office, which are controlling and implementing the following issues .

Implementing of R&D projects
Providing a business plan and MBA issues
Preparation documents of immigration for studying or working abroad
projects in different fields of engineering simulation software, human and medical
Web designing or application
Providing translation
All of the projects from the simplest translation to specialized projects already has been undertaken in this system.
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Dissertation is an piece of writing about a particular subject for students who want to earn a university degree .Subject of the dissertation should not be repetitious, as students have to submit new subjects. Therefore the research must be the conclusion of the passed levels an learned lessons. .Dissertation has various sections that meets standards such as definitions, keywords, statements for the importance of the research, hypothesis, research back ground and resources .Writting and editing of the dissertation takes months so the students are obliged to a have step by step plan .
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How to select the subject of the dissertation
For writing the dissertation several important issues must be considered. The first step is selecting the subject of dissertation since having idea helps to have intellectual orientation .

For selecting the item of the dissertation , the initial studies in scope of any a expertise should be done ,also the review for the previous works of outside or inside the country must be examined about the research methods .For having access to these resources ,searches on the reference sites and overviewing on websites, such as Iran DOC and Sivilica, also to the reliable papers, journals such as Springer, IEEE, Elsevier,….. can be efficient for selecting item for dissertation .

After examining the previous issues one of the titles should be selected as the main reference and the additional part of the research must be submitted by the research method ,It should be noticed that if the selected subject is repetitive and has no creativity, thus that means the research has no worth to work on .

For selecting the subject three question is must:

The problem that leads to select this item
The aim of accomplishment of this selected item
The creativity which should be submitted in this field
After selecting the subject, the next step is writing a proposal for subject defense. Selecting the subject carefully and answering to the above questions can help the submitting of appropriate proposal and determine the final subject .

In addition in each process, selecting of the subject accordance to the noted points are as important as the interest of the person who the dissertation should be submitted to ,thus the process will be expedited.

Accomplishing the Dissertation-Writing a proposal

The next step after selecting the subject is writing of the content of proposal. It is important section that encourages to approve your subject to accomplish the research .

Usually this content has a specified format which already been determined by the respondent .The students formats are available in research departments of the universities .